CCR Meg Instructor Course

IANTD Instructors and experienced CCR divers interested in becoming Meg Instructors in Europe are welcome to contact me (Andrzej Kruczkowski IANTD Meg Instructor Trainer). The forthcoming Instructor courses in 2018 are planned in May and October.

IANTD & ISC Prerequisites:
The Candidate must be a qualified IANTD Advanced EANx Instructor, or take the IDP with the CCR IDP.

  • Must be a qualified CCR Diver.

  • Must be a minimum of 21 years of age

  • Must provide proof of a minimum of 150 logged CCR dives on the CCR on which he/she is becoming an instructor.

NOTE: An IANTD CCR Instructor doing an IANTD Instructor Crossover from one CCR to another CCR must log a minimum of 30 dives and 50 hours on the CCR prior to attending the IEC.

Program Content:

  • The Candidate must assist in at least one complete CCR Program prior to or in conjunction with the IDP and co-tech two full programs under supervision of ISC Instructor.

  • Instructors crossing over from another Agency to IANTD will demonstrate knowledge of IANTD Standards & Procedures and the use of applicable IANTD teaching materials.

NOTE: A diver crossover from one rebreather to another rebreather must include the skills and proficiency of the diver’s highest previous rebreather qualification.

  • Demonstrate all skills in IANTD Rebreather Diver Program

  • Assist in at least one complete IANTD Rebreather Diver Program and co-tech two full programs under supervision of ISC Instructor.

  • Complete the Instructor Fitness Evaluation while using the CCR

  • Complete all Water Skills listed under the Rebreather Diver Standards in Sport Diver Programs.

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