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IANTD Standards Sport and Tek Lite Diving
IANTD Standards Technical and Overhead
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IANTD Standards Sport and Tek Lite Diving v.PL



Kursy istruktorskie IANTD

Open Water Sport Instructor
EAN Instructor
AEAN Instructor
Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor
Technical Instructor
Normoxic Trimix Instructor
Trimix Instructor
Wreck Instructor
Advanced Wreck Instructor
CCR Wreck Instructor
Technical Wreck Instructor
CCR Technical Wreck Instructor
Cavern Instructor
Introductory Cave Instructor
Introductory Mine Instructor
Cave Instructor
Mine Instructor
CCR Cave Instructor
CCR Mine Instructor
Technical Cave Instructor
Ean Gas Blender Instructor
Trimix Gas Blender Instructor
OW Sidemount Instructor
OW Tek Sidemount Instructor
Advanced Cave Sidemount/No Mount Instructor
Advanced Cave Survey Instructor
Advanced Cave DPV Instructor
Advanced Cave Sump Instructor
Advanced Cave Multi Stage Instructor
Advanced Cave CCR Sidemount Instructor
Speciality Instructor
FFM Instructor
DPV Instructor
DPV Tek Instructor
Diver First Aid Instructor
CPR Instructor
Oxygen Administrator Instructor
Recreational CCR Instructor
Rebreather Instructor